Ofah triggah

Trigger in 1983, the local dunce.

Trigger (Colin Ball) was a regular character in Only Fools And Horses throughout the shows run and in the prequel Rock And Chips. He also appeared in the first episode of the spin off Green, Green Grass. Trigger was the local dunce yet actually he thought everyone else was one and he was the clever one. He was sharper in the early years as he was a dodgy dealer who sold fellow dodgy dealer Del Boy stolen goods. He was a friend and former schoolfriend of Del Boy, Roy Slater, Boycie and Denzel. Trigger was played by Roger Lloyd Pack.



Ofah trig rocl

Trigger as seen in Rock And Chips.

Colin Ball was born in April 1945 in Peckham, London, SE15 to Elsie Ann Ball. Colin had a sister, probably a half sister as Elsie never married, and Colin's father was allegedly a soldier. Colin was a slow child and a slow learner at school. The classes were not big but they had high ceilings. As a child Trigger used to eat wood and laughed at the TV, when it was off. Del always found him a bit odd. A head injury on a bomb site as a child cannot be used as an excuse as this was after Del caught him eating wood and watcing TV's while switched off. Trigger went to school with Del, Boycie, Denzel Tulser, Roy Slater, Jumbo Mills and Camerarderie.

Due to his haircut he later gained the nickname "Trigger" as his haircut made him look like a horse. Around 1963-1964, Slater planted some Green Shield stamps on Trigger and he got put away for 18 months in a young offenders home. Trigger was not bright at all but he had more common sense as he started to dabble in stolen gear, and even nick stuff with mates so he could sell them to traders, especially Del Boy. Briefcases, tins of paint etc.

In 1981 he had to arrange an alibi for next Tuesday. Trigger still had that type of haircut that made him look like a horse, so he was given the nickname Trigger due to the famous horse that Roy Rogers had stuffed.

1981-2003, 2005Edit

In 1981, Trigger was a road sweeper but also remained as a part time dealer who used to sell stolen goods to local market traders including his best friend Del Boy Trotter. He sold his some dodgy briefcases and paint, which him and some mates stole from a railway station. In early 1985 he cleverly stole the cigarette machine from The Nags Head and the burglar alarm.

Later in 1985, Trigger was a suspect in a diamond smuggling caper but was dismissed as being too daft. By 1986, Trigger stopped dealing to Del as much, he had a lesser role in Del's trading business. He did nick a pork pie off Mike at The Nags Head in 1989 and gave it to Del, even though he denied he nicked it.

Trigger got a bit more dense as he got older. He took things literally all the time.

According to Del's autobiography He Who Dares, from 2015, Reg Trotter was a suspect as to who could be Trigger's real father. OMG, Del and Trig as half siblings. The real father was believed to be Donald Turpin though. Del's book also says that Trigger is retired now.



Believe it or not, Trigger was much sharper in the early years of the show. He was a small time crook who stole goods to sell to his mates. He was never Einstein (or Epstein in his book) but was much more with it.


From Homesick (10th November 1983)

  • Trigger: Yeah you were at the funeral weren't you Dave?
  • Rodney: Trig why do you call me Dave? My name is not Dave. My name is Rodney.
  • Trigger: I thought it was Dave.
  • Rodney: No its Rodney.
  • Trigger: Are you sure?
  • Rodney Yeah positive, I have looked it up on my passport and birth certificate. It is definitely Rodney.
  • Trigger: Oh well you live and learn. So what is Dave then? Nickname like?
  • Rodney: No you are the only one who calls me Dave. Everyone else calls me Rodney. The reason the call me Rodney is because Rodney is my name.
  • Trigger: Oh well I shall have to get used to calling you Rodney.
  • Rodney: Thank you.
  • Trigger: Oi Basil, you gonna get this meeting started, me and Dave aint got all night.
  • Rodney: Rodneyyy!!

Memorable infoEdit

Born: 28th April 1945

Full Name: Colin Ball

ParentsElsie Ann Ball and Donald Turpin (Most likely suspect for paternity)

Siblings: 1 sister

Grandfathers: Arthur Ball

Grandmothers: Alice Ball

Aunts: Reenie Turpin

Nieces: Lisa

Cousins: Cyril, Marilyn, Ronnie

Occupation: Road sweeper (1960-present), Dodgy goods dealer (1981-1987)