Ofah nags head

Del and Mike in the Nags Head, Peckham, London, SE15.

The Nags Head is the local boozer for the Trotter family and the pub that has featured in the serial itself and the spin off Green Green Grass and prequel Rock And Chips. When the serial began in 1981 the governor was unseen and was never identified but Mike Fisher took over in 1983, and was a regular character, and Sid from the cafe took over in 2001 when Mike was sent to prison for getting involved in the Trotters dodgy money making schemes. Derek "Del Boy" Trotter and Rodney Trotter are 2 regular customers. The pub has a reputation for serving watered down beer, as Trigger, a local customer is quick to point out.

The pub is somehwere near the Nyrere Estate in Peckham in South London.




In 1981
Ofah nags head fuction room

The function room of the Nags Head.

The Nags Head was run by a governor who was never seen in the series and whose name was never revealed. In 1983, Mike Fisher took over as landlord. The main pub originally had 2 entrance and exit doors either side of the main optics and bar area. By 1988, as first seen in Dates (25th December 1988), the doorway to the right of the main bar had gone and been replaced with a wall and additional seating area.

The upstairs also had 2 rooms, a dance hall and a a function room, the latter was seen in Sickness And Wealth (5th February 1989), Little Problems (12th February 1989) and The Class of 62 - (20th January 1991).





From 1981 to 1987, the pub had 2 sets of double doors, either side of the main bar area. From 1988 onwards the double doors on the right hand side of the bar were replaced with a wall and seating area.

The Nags Head interior did not appear in the following episodes


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