Ofah allotment

Del, rodney, Albert and Trigger on Grandad's old allotment.

This is my own Only Fools And Horses fan fiction which is set from January 1993 to October 1993, inbetween Mother Nature's Son - (25th December 1992) and Fatal Extraction - (25th December 1993). This fanfic covers the outcome of the hilarious Peckham Spring venture in the former of the two episodes. In the series, the outcome was never revealed. But in Del Boy's autobiography He Who Dares (BBC Books, published in 2015), the outcome was revealed:- "Health inspectors found out that Del was selling contaminated water to the public. Due to drinking it, Raquel went bald and Rodney got sick. Cassandra was suspended at her bank, while Myles went into hiding. Solly Attwell told Del that he could go to jail because of this, and Rodney, Cassandra, and Myles would all hauled up as accessories, so a confident Del was prepared to fight tooth and nail for everyone's innocence after Solly put together a case more airtight than Boycie's wallet, and a last-minute plea of "temporary nervous breakdown", both for Del to use in court. Del visited his mother Joan's grave for comfort, and the case against him was miraculously dropped a week later due to lack of evidence. In the aftermath, Raquel's hair grew back, Cassandra's suspension was lifted, Rodney made a recovery, Myles came out of hiding, Del was left broke due to paying Solly, and both Grandad's allotment and the Peckham Spring were both destroyed in a small earthquake. There were only a few tremors but enough to destroy the allotment."

So that is a good basis on which to base a OFAH fanfic on.

OFAH FanficEdit


Del and Rodney are bottling up more Peckham Spring water in the kitchen.

DEL Luvvly Jubbly. Blimey we are making money hand over fist with this venture.

RODNEY Pity that we could not bottle it up for a day or two when the local reservoir was found contaminated 2 weeks ago which your 2 so called expert friends Denzel and Trigger had contaminated. Del why not just knock this scheme on the head hey? Sooner or later we will get rumbled and you will be sewing mailbags for years. I will also get done for aiding and abetting a crime.

DEL I told you Rodney the water comes from The Thames, which is older than Albert's string vest.

RODNEY Dont say I never warned you. The water board found no underground leak when they had workmen on the estate and they suspect it could be a resident of the estate keeping their tap on. The water bills are sky high. Anyway I am off home now, it is 5pm. Cassie is waiting for me.

DEL OK see you tomorrow Rodders.

Rodney says goodbye to Albert then leaves.


There is a knock on the door.

DEL (Calls to Albert) Albert answer that will you.

ALBERT (To himself) I fought a war for you Del, ain't it bloody fair hey? Albert answer the door he says?

Albert answers the door in the hallway to 2 health inspectors and invites them to stand in the hallway, not knowing they are here to pull the plug on Del's scheme. The inspectors do not see all the equipment as they are stood in the hallway only.

ALBERT (Calls) Del you have visitors.

HEALTH INSPECTOR 1 Are you Derek Edward Trotter?

DEL Well I was the last time I checked.

HEALTH INSPECTOR 2 Mr Trotter we have reason to believe that you are selling contaminated water to the public.

DEL Nonsense. How do you know this?

HEALTH INSPECTOR 1 Due to doing checks of the towerblock, the water board have traced the source of the huge output of water to this very same flat. And we know that you are the head of the Peckham Spring venture.

DEL Myles gave the Peckham Spring a certificate of purity due to his status as a member of the SWANS committee.

HEALTH INSPECTOR 1 What is The SWANS Committee?

DEL Let me ring my brother Rodney.

Del phones Rodney and Cassandra's flat to ask Rodney what the SWANS Committee is.

CASSANDRA (On the other end of the phone) Hello.

DEL Hi Cassandra, it's Del Boy. Is Rodney there at all?

CASSANDRA He is in the bathroom. He is refusing to come out as he is sick from drinking water from The Peckham Spring venture.

One of the health inspectors gets a call on his mobile phone (brick sized in 1993).

HEALTH INSPECTOR 2 Oh James, we have to dash off to the police station to help on a case.

HEALTH INSPECTOR 1 (To Del) We will be back, Mr Trotter.

The inspectors leave.

DEL Oh my Gawd. We have been rumbled.

ALBERT I suggest, Del, that you quickly dismantle all this bottling and packing equipment and the conveyors and hide them somewhere before the inspectors return.

DEL Where shall we put them?

ALBERT Take them back to Teddy Cummings' warehouse. Oh yes, during the war....

DEL Shut up you soppy old duffer, this is a serious situation here. OK look, if we get rid of all this equipment before they return they will have nothing on us so will have to drop the case.

ALBERT The water board knows we have been excessively running the tap and the health inspectors know we are the holders of the Peckham Spring venture. So let's get cracking. I may be an old man but I can lift a few things.


Raquel returns home to the flat with 2 year old Damien from nursery. She finds that all the bottling and packing equipment and the conveyors are gone.

RAQUEL Oh my word, what is going on? (To Damien) What are the odds that your naughty daddy Del has been caught? Maybe he has been told to stop the venture or he has had a tip off about the police hey?

Del and Albert walk in.

RAQUEL Del, Del, what is going on here?

DEL The health inspectors have come round. The water board traced the output of the water to this flat and as they know we are running the Peckham Spring venture, they have put 2 and 2 together. We spent the last 2 or 3 hours getting rid of all this equipment as the inspectors will be back. They will have less to pin on us now.

ALBERT Or else Del will be spending next Christmas with Ron and Reg Kray eating cakes with files in them.

RAQUEL I am putting Damien to bed now Del, when I return I want the full story.

ALBERT I cannot blame Del though for this scheme, a few months ago we were broke.

DEL Cheers Unc.

ALBERT The police will no doubt be notified and the case could go to court.

DEL Look, now we have disposed of all the packing equipment, when the authorities come back they will just think we have been over using the tap water.

RAQUEL How else do they think we bottle the water? You need a good lawyer Del.

DEL Solly Attwell.


Rodney is ill in the toilet and clutching his stomach.

RODNEY (To himself) Cosmic, this is all I need.

Cassandra calls through the door.

CASS Roddy are you OK?

RODNEY Course I am not Cass. I am still sick. Too much Peckham Spring water. Bloody Del Boy.

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