Victoria Trotter was an unseen character in Only Fools And Horses. She was the mother of Edward Trotter and Albert Trotter. Victoria had died several years before 1981.


Victoria Trotter was married to Jack Trotter Snr in about 1895 and they had 4 sons, George Trotter in about 1898, Edward Trotter in 1906, Jack Trotter in about 1910 and Albert Trotter in about 1915. They lived near the docks in Bermondsey, London.

Victoria Trotter and her husband gave their son Albert the middle name of Gladstone. Maybe that was Mrs Trotter's maiden surname.

Memorable infoEdit

Born: Unknown, about 1875

Died: Unknown

Full Name: Victoria Trotter (Nee Unknown)



SpouseJack Trotter Snr (c1900-c1960)

Children: George Trotter (c1898), Edward Trotter (1906), Jack Trotter, Albert Trotter (c1915)

Occupation: Housewife

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