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Mike Fisher.

Mike Fisher was a character and land lord of The Nags Head. His first episode was "Who's A Pretty Boy (22nd December 1983). His last episode was Time On Our Hands (29th December 1996). Actor Kenneth MacDonald died in 2001 so Mike was said to be in prison for fraud in If They Could See Us Now (25th December 2001).



Michael Fisher was born in about 1950. He met his wife aged 18. They later married but divorced in 1973. Mike used to live in the East End of London and ran a pub opposite Eddie Chambers. Eddie later moved to The Isle Of Wight, which he classed as emigration.

In 1983, Mike left the East End and was living in Peckham, London, SE15 and took over as landlord of a local boozer there, The Nag's Head. Unfortunately he would often be made a mug of by a local market trader who drove a 3 wheel van and wore camel hair coats. Upon his arrival to Peckham, Mike heard all about this man who he'd soon meet.


In November 1983, Mike, now landlord of The Nags Head finally met that pesky market trader called Derek "Del Boy" Trotter. Mike wanted the pub redecorated and Del saw a way to make ££ signs in a con on the brewery. Mike was cheery but had to put up with the pesky regular customer Del who was always trying to sell him some of his dodgy goods.

2001 and laterEdit

His last episodes were Time on are Hands and If they could see us now he was said to be in prison but the actor couldn't carry on due to his death.

By 2015, as mentioned by Del's autobiography He Who Dares, Mike's prison sentence was reduced, and he retired from the pub game to move to the Isle of Wight and start writing a memoir of his time inside. Since then, Del kept leaving Mike messages, but never got any response back.



First Line:- "Evening gents", to Del, Rodney and Grandad in "Who's A Pretty Boy"

Final Line:- "On the house Del" to Del in "Time On Our Hands"


Memorable infoEdit

Born: 1950

Full Name: Michael Fisher



Spouse: Mrs Fisher (??-1973)

Children: None