Edward Kitchener "Grandad" Trotter was a character in Only
Ofah teddy trotter grandad

Grandad Trotter in 1981.

Fools And Horses and the prequel Rock And Chips. He was the grandfather of Del Boy and Rodney and the older brother of Albert Trotter. He appeared in 24 episodes, including the specially made for schools lost episode Licensed To Drill - (1984) and was played by Lennard Pearce.




Edward Trotter was born in Tobacco Road, Bermondsey, London in 1906, the second eldest of 3 children to Jack Trotter Snr and Victoria Trotter. He had and older brother George Trotter and 2 younger brothers Jack Trotter and Albert Trotter born c1915. Edward marred at a young age in 1923 to Violet Trotter and they had 1 son Reg Trotter in 1924. In 1924, he got a job as a painter and decorator but got the sack after a day for wallpapering over a serving hatch. He later got a job as a security guard at a factory.


Ofah ted trotter 1960

Grandad in 1960, as seen in Rock And Chips.


Grandad was about 75 in 1981. By then he was the elderly chief tenant of the flat as Del and Rodney gave him the housekeeping money. He was a pretty crafty man as well, he conned Del out of £50 by betting that his latest scheme would fail. Del had handed him 1000 leaflets to distribute around Peckham for his Trotters Ethnic Tours business but Grandad threw all the leaflets in the dust chute. Del found this out after no one turned up for the tour. Del had admitted defeat due to no one turning up but then went to throw a sign saying "Trotters Ethnic Tours Departure Point" in the dust chute and saw the 1000 leaflets. Grandad was quite a bad cook and always used to overcook the food or burn it.

In December 1983, Grandad was pleased to see the return of his son Reg to the fold after 18 years. Del was angry as Reg had left him, Rodney and Grandad when Del an Rodney's mum died. Reg pretended that Del was not his son so he could reclaim his position as head of the family. This was done by doctoring a blood test when he told Del and Rodney they may have a hereditary blood disorder he has got. Del and Rodney were given the all clear. The truth outed when Del checked with Dr Becker. Del soon sent Reg packing. Grandad realised Reg was just a dirty conniving git.

In early 1984, Grandad and Rodney mocked Del boy jokingly about his latest scheme, when he wanted to be an oil tycoon by buying a oil rig for £400 off a Scotsman. Rodney said oil rigs cost £1000'000s upon £1000'000s and they weigh 100'000 tonnes and are about 40 to 50 miles offshore.

In early 1985, Grandad slipped over in the doorway of his bedroom and was taken into hospital as his health worsened due to a stroke. He said bonjour to this mortal curl, or in shortened terms - died, in January 1985 aged 79. He was buried in Peckham Cemetery. His younger brother Albert then came to live with Del and Rodney.

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Only Fools And Horses





Rock And Chips (Only Fools And Horses prequel set in 1960-1962)

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