Ofah blossom

Blossom, the local mad woman who Rodney comes across.

Blossom was a minor character in Only Fools And Horses who appeared in 1 episode, Wanted (15th December 1983). She was a local woman who had mental health problems and accused Rodney Trotter of assaulting her when he helped her to her feet. Blossom was played by Toni Palmer.



Blossom was born in 1938. As she grew up she developed mental health problems and then started accusing many men in Peckham of assault and rape, from Trigger's cousin Marilyn, a tomboy, who she mistook for a man, and Old Man Corby who even fell out of his wheelchair. She was taken to a asylum and only let out at weekends. She was sometimes given electric shock treatment. The lights were known to dim as far away as Watford. She was a sane as anyone aftewards - well, until she got her electricity bill.


One dark night in late 1983, Rodney Trotter was walking down a side street and saw a drunk Blossom sat at a bus stop. Rodney asked if she was OK and if she needed a lift. She called him "my lovely" and said there will be a bus along but they cut the route in 1973 as Rodney said. Rodey helped her up but she then accused him of touching her. He said he was a doctor. She then cried out "Rape" and then Rodney ran off into the night.

The next morning, Rodney was very despondent and moody. Grandad had said that Rodney had come in last night trembling and sweating then went to bed. Del asked Rodney if there is something bothering him. Rodney then said as he walked home from the Nags Head last night he saw a woman who stunk of booze. She was acting odd. Rodney says as she got up he helped her up then started screaming and shouting things, things like "Rape". He said he told her that he was a doctor. Del comforted Rodney. Rodney maintained his innocence.

As Rodney described the woman as 45, blonde hair with black roots and was heavily made up, this made Del think that he may know the woman. Rodney said she called him "my lovely" and had an ID necklace which said "Blossom". Del laughed, he obviously knows who the lady is.

Rodney went back to bed, advised by Del, who said the case could go to court but he will see what he can to to help. As Rodney left, Del burst out laughing. He told Grandad that all Rodney has done is bumped into Blossom. She is well known for this sort of thing, accusing people of rape, and she spends most her time in the mental home. Del planned to wind Rodney up and make him think all the flats were under siege, Grandad advised against this.

Rodney took all the tinned food from the cupboards and hid in the boiler room on the top of the towerblock. Del realised he took the joke too far so spent all night driving round London looking for him, from Soho to Charing Cross, checking dosshouses. Grandad said during the night, when he was taking to the neighbours, they did complain about a sweet and sicky smell. Del then realised the smell was coming from the ventilaiting system and had a hunch he knows where Rodney is hiding.

Memorable infoEdit

Born: 1938

Full Name: Blossom (Unknown Surname)

Parents: Unknown

Siblings: Unknown