Christmas Trees was a mini episode of
Ofah xmas trees

Del sells Christmas Trees.

Only Fools And Horses broadcast on the 27th December 1982. It saw Derek "Del Boy" Trotter and Rodney Trotter trying to sell hookie Xmas trees down the market. Del thinks ethics make model aeroplanes.



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  • This special was first screened as part of a show hosted by Frank Muir, The Funny Side of Christmas, in which mini-episodes of Yes Minister, Open All Hours (which also starred David Jason), Butterflies (which also starred Nicholas Lyndhurst), and Last of the Summer Wine were also featured.
  • Chronologically, this episode is set just after Diamonds Are For Heather (30th December 1982), despite being shown 3 days earlier. Del and Heather ended their relationship in Diamonds Are For Heather, which was in the run up to Christmas. This mini episode was set at Christmas.
  • AirFix make model planes and when Rodney mentioned the word "ethics" (morals, standards) Del said "Ethics. Make model aeroplanes don't they?".


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